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First, Wilstair is not a drone manufacturing company. At Wilstair, our job is not to sell our clients on a specific type of drone to fulfill sales quotas. Instead, we use drone design and engineering skills to source the best technology to improve our client’s business and efficiency needs. Many drone companies are developing the technology needed by our clients, but the integration strategies needed to put the technology to work are not commonly defined, leaving our clients to spend additional money and time to figure out how the technology can be incorporated into their business, while maximizing its value.

At Wilstair, we pride ourselves in being students of unmanned aerial technology, so that we may represent our clients’ best interest. Similarly, we are highly motivated at bringing our industry partners new business and funding opportunities to incorporate their goods and services to solve our client’s needs. Lastly, Wilstair applies Six-Sigma process improvement solution strategies that not only focus on the technology integration, but also the roles and participation of employees or operators.

Mission Statement

At Wilstair we take pride in creating solutions that gives back valuable time to people one drone at time. Our mission is to put drones to work for our clients while maximizing their return on investment.

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Leadership at Wilstair

Will Stavanja – Lead Integration Consultant

An aviation enthusiast who enjoys building and designing aircraft. He holds a passion for unmanned aerial systems and grew his interest for future applications of the technology while participating in various unmanned rescue vehicle designs.

Will is a Mechanical Aerospace Engineer, and is a certified Part 107 drone pilot. Additionally, he experienced in process development, learning & development, testing, and technology integration strategies.