Understand if drones are a suitable solution for your business.

In this service, Wilstair partners with clients to clearly define and understand their needs. Wilstair offers custom discovery option plans to clients depending on their level of interest, industry, and financial expense considerations. Discovery plans can vary from highly detailed plans that include descriptive process flows, regulatory challenges, safety solutions, requirements development, and much more to plans that provide the client with a summary that includes their most prevalent challenges and existing technology options.

Evaluating the client’s need includes open and consistent communication, site visit(s), operational cost analysis, and mapping fly zone locations (indoors or outdoors). In this service, Wilstair helps our clients understand whether using drones is suitable or not for their current business operations from a financial and logistical perspective. In the case where using a drone is certainly an investment worth pursuing, a solution plan of action will inform the client of the existing technology that can be implemented, or the research and development (R&D) needed to develop the tool(s) that will save the company thousands or millions in operational costs in years to come.

Discovery - commercial drone integration assessment