Although, technological advances in aerial robotics are being made quite rapidly, the opportunity exists for customizing and combining existing technologies to develop cost efficient flying tools that are suitable for the specific needs of our clients. For clients interested in using drones as automated tools for their business operations, Wilstair offers the peace of mind of providing project management assistance to integrate adequate technology that satisfies established requirements. The outcome of this service is to provide our clients a technology demonstrator suitable for their needs. In order to accomplish such task, Wilstair, alongside the client, will source from established drone technology companies the best and most cost efficient products in the market that will satisfy the requirements of the project.

Why is Wilstair willing to support such projects? Simple, because the success of our clients matter to us. In addition to being continuous students of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) market, we are also looking out for our clients. We want our clients to make educated decisions that captures important factors such as performance, reliability, and safety while remaining cost-centric.