Training & Education

Whether it is a college or university using an educational learning platform, such as Moodle or Blackboard, a public safety organization, or company seeking to train and educate current or future Unmanned Pilots, Wilstair offers an in-depth online course for all. Our students benefit from not only learning at their own pace, but can also take short lesson quizzes to help them retain the amount of information needed to successfully pass the FAA’s Part 107 Knowledge Exam. Hundreds of students have taken our course and have successfully passed their FAA Part 107 Knowledge Exam.

Now, most of us in the industry know that passing the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Exam alone does not make someone a proficient pilot, which is why we also focus on the technical details of preparing and operating various types of aircraft, from camera based quadcopters, fixed-wing VTOL platforms, to heavy lift cargo drones. Reach out to us, and let us help you launch your unmanned aerial program.

Inventory Management

Inventory accuracy and productivity are among some of the important factors of an efficient logistics process. We offer end-users the ability to use drones as another tool to increase the rate of cycle counts and inventory management audit tracking. The ability to routinely perform inventory scans, compare inventory, and integrate all results into an existing WMS are among some of the benefits to our customers. Our solutions come in all sizes, payloads, and levels of autonomy. Best of all, we are here to guide, support, and integrate the entire solution while reducing our customer’s level of effort. The end result, a low cost solution to decreasing inventory inaccuracies. 

Warehouse Drone
Delivery Drone


Speed, traceability, and accuracy are important factors to companies seeking to deliver products to their customers. Regardless of the delivery, such as food, pharmaceuticals, shoes, vaccines, or general groceries, we offer an entire integration delivery solution. When customers work with Wilstair, they are working with various highly technical companies to bring an entire solution to reality. From small details, such as battery management, to more complex processes, such as flight planning and autonomous package drops. 


Common Customer Questions

Our online course is intended to be used by existing commercial pilots seeking to renew their Part 107 certification, as well as by students that do not know anything about aviation. For such reason, students must test their knowledge of a specific section, such as rules, regulations, weather, airspace, safety, etc… before moving onto to other subjects. The course is designed to be 4-5 weeks in length for new students with little to no aviation experience; however, for those more experienced pilots, they can complete the course in as little as a couple of days and only focus on the sections that they seek to sharpen their saw on. 

The course has 9 sessions, that include over 70 videos, with over 22 quizzes, and two FAA style Knowledge Exams to prepare the students for success. Each session includes a homework assignment that is individually graded by our team, so students can receive real-time feedback and tips. Finally, when a student is struggling on a specific subject, or question, they can select to schedule a one on one session with our team to discuss the subject at length and make sure that they visually understand the material. 

Reach out to us, and depending on your area/location, we will provide you with information about the nearest university, community college, or private educational facility that offers our course, so that you may register for it. 

Not at all. Although, often customers quickly identify facility operational improvements when using the drones.

No special training at all. No pilot is needed. Employees are trained on how to use a dashboard to schedule drones to conduct inventory scans. That’s it!

The drones do the rest the rest of the job fully autonomously.

It all begins with the intended type of package to be delivered. We have helped customers test deliveries of small items of less than 0.5 lbs., all the way up to 20 lbs. Note that special wavers and approvals are necessary for operating drones that weigh more than 55 lbs. and fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the US. 

Send us an email detailing your product, or services, and we will arrange a time to meet and share our long list of requirements with you.

It all starts with your goals and objectives. From there, we will formulate a structured plan for you that includes a set of top level requirements, considerations and technology limitations,  as well as ROI. Next, comes execution, which includes the right hardware, software, and operational structure for your business.